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Growing up in the family business founded by his parents in Hamilton in 1980, Conrad developed a strong passion for real estate and improving the overall client experience. Now as the Broker/Owner of the #1 Brokerage in the Real Estate Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) since 1994, Conrad

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Southeast Burlington in a seller's market for 2 story homes, months of supply down 29% and more!

$150 per square foot saving from just up Lakeshore in Oakville, BOC rate prediction up 25 bases points (I hope I'm wrong!)

A Survival Guide to 2023

Where did the holidays go? Is it just me, or did they reduce the 24-hour day by 8 hours? I can remember sipping beer on a patio celebrating Canada Day like it was yesterday and December 31st 2022 seemed like a lifetime away. But now it's come and gone, and 2023 is already upon...

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2023 Marketing Tips and Predictions

by Allison Lewington | Corporate Marketing CoordinatorLooking back at 2022, it’s been an adventure – from our brokerage’s growth, the social media landscape, world events and everything in between. It’s been a time to step out of comfort zones, but also to lean on the people a...

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2022 RE/MAX Escarpment & Niagara Holiday Party!

This is how we do it! Thank you to all the staff, the agents, our partners for providing your all and making this company the success it is. Thanks for the great year, looking forward to 2023!

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Nothing says the Holidays like a T-Rex and Mrs. Claus. 🎅🐱‍🐉

Flamborough in Seller's market? Binbrook vs Flamborough vs Brant Hills & US Fed is pounding inflation.

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We exceeded our goal!

Thanks to the generosity of our RE/ MAX Escarpment and Niagara family. Big shout out to the Morren Group, who's generous donation helped push us over our 100k goal.As a result of our push to raise $100,000.00 for The Children's Miracle Network, we did one better and raised $10...

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Does the Canadian Housing Market Need Medical Attention…Ask Dr. Google.

What you are about to read is far from medical advice. It is more of a metaphor on how the human mind works with too much information at its finger tips. A few weeks ago my body put me on a wild goose chase to figure out what ailment I was experiencing. It all started early on...

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Market Pulse Report

RE/MAX Escarpment and Niagara ended 2022 with stellar results compared to our competitors. We were well ahead of our trading areas for the month of December, with some areas behind us by 20 percentage points. Inventory will shape 2023 going forward, and RE/MAX Escarpment and N...

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Episode 6 of Power Moves featuring Drew Woolcott of Woolcott Real Estate is out now!

In this episode of Power Moves, Drew shares advice on how to start building a team, how to keep team members engaged, and touches on the impact that RE/MAX has had on his business through the years.Listen here or on your preferred streaming platform:

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Cornwall Road Open House

Celebrating our first year in our Cornwall Road Office, Oakville! #remaxescarpment #Oakville #renownedcollection

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Remember When We Were Oblivious To Interest Rates and Inflation? And We Liked It!!!

Times really have changed. Does anyone remember any other time when we all knew when the Bank of Canada and/or the US Federal Reserve met. Who cared?!?! Do you remember any other time when people would comment on inflation numbers or wait with baited breath when the new monthl...

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2021 Distinguished Entrepreneur

Can't imagine sharing an evening with a more thoughtful and visionary entrepreneur, Jeff Paikin! Congratulations on being the Distinguished Entrepreneur for 2021

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The Real Estate Market Waits For No One

Back on May 12th 2022, (at 6:15 am) I received one of those always-welcomed emails asking if I was willing to speak at the upcoming RE/MAX Europe Convention. Like many other worldwide organizations, its been 2 years since RE/MAX Europe had an in-person conference. The author o...

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Buyer Costs

Property Tax:$0.00
Common Expenses:$0.00
Title Insurance:$400.00
Legal Fees:$0.00
Mortgage Broker Fees:$1,500.00
Land Transfer Tax:$0.00

I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore!

A few weeks ago we celebrated my parents 60th wedding anniversary. It is quite a milestone for them and something very few couples achieve. When you really look deeper at my parents' relationship there must be a footnote beside 60 years. You see, my folks worked together for 5...

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Sometimes When You Think You Are Smart…..You Are Really Stupid.

My Grandmother, born in Naples, Italy, was a real artist in the kitchen. She came to Canada with her husband Corrado (my namesake), and my Dad when he was 16. They came from an area of Italy which, after the Second World War, was annexed by Yugoslavia. You see, the former Yugo...

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Leading in Disruptive Times

I recently attended the T3 Summit in San Antonio, Texas (great city!!) and usually I would recount my journey from the beginning, but this time I’m going to start with the end of my experience. On the drive to the airport, I noticed something subtle, yet so powerful as a visit...

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Welcome Home!

RE/MAX is excited to announce that one of the top teams for eXp Realty Canada in volume and transactions, Woolcott Real Estate, owned by Drew Woolcott will be returning to RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc., BrokeragePlease join us in welcoming Drew and the entire Woolcott Real Est...

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Boom, Bust or Echo: The Canadian Real Estate Market Re-Visited

So many economic pundits have predicted a wide variety of scenarios for the Canadian real estate market. As of the last few weeks some theories seem plausible, interest rates are climbing, homes are lingering on the market a little longer, inflation is at an all time high, and...

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My 10 for Q2

It’s always been a tradition of sorts to do predictions for the new year, but after the wild and crazy ride that was the first quarter of 2022, I thought I would put together a top 10 list so to speak of what to look for as we ride out the rest of ‘22.The MarketThere are so ma...

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Thoughts from Inman…. Learn, Unlearn And Relearn.

During the last week of October I did something I have not done in nearly 20 months or 87.5 weeks or 612 days. I attended two conferences back to back. I was in Marco Island, Florida to attend the RE/MAX Premier Broker Summit, spoke on a panel, masterminded with my peers and d...

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Conrad Zurini On Building A High Velocity Team - Mindset Coaching For Realtors, salespeople, and LeadersClick below to listen

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Unlocking the secrets to SUCCESS

Lots of books have been written about the secrets of success. Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers: The Story of Success, professes that in order to achieve proficiency in a skill you must practice it for 10,000 hours. If that is the case, how do you explain the tech wizard who cr...

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I am honoured to the the recipient of the 2022 Distinguished Entrepreneur Award!

Join me for an evening that will feature live entertainment from artists including the nationally-renowned Canadian Brass, a three-course Jewish-Italian fusion inspired gourmet meal, an unforgettable emcee & inductors! Chaired by 2011 Distinguished Entrepreneur, Ron Foxcro...

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Tune in Tuesday August 9th to see Conrad Zurini featured on the No Limit Selling Podcast!

Teaser - "Transparency"Stay tuned to our social media for when the podcast goes live on Tuesday, and check out Umar's previous podcasts through the link below!

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July 22, 2022 Market Update

🛥 St.Catharines Rocks the Market & the Dreaded Trigger Rate - Market Update#marketupdate #realestate #StCatharines #PortDalhousie #Niagara #remaxescarpment

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Watch CHCH Housing Affordability Segment

I had the pleasure of speaking on Housing Affordability in Hamilton on #CHCHHamilton!

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Weekly Update

Canada Day 2022

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A Word To the Wise on How to be GREAT BY CHOICE

A Word To the Wise on How to be GREAT BY CHOICE Let’s end this article with what the opening speaker had to say. Morten T. Hansen is a management professor at the University of California, Berkeley and author of Great By Choice. Hansen narrates the story about the great 1911 r...

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Market Pulse September 2022

In September there were 3 types of REALTOR®s in the market, those who pressed the snooze button and pulled the covers over their heads, those who hid under the bed, and those who jumped out of bed and made things happen. At RE/ MAX Escarpment and Niagara we definitely made it ...

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The 2022 Federal Budget... Friend or Foe To The Real Estate Industry?

Having grown up in a real estate family, federal budget time has always been something we paid attention to. I remember both my mom and dad commenting on how the budget would primarily effect the real estate industry. I remember asking my mom as a kid, “why is budget day so im...

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What is it like to work at RE/MAX Niagara & Escarpment?

It's March, which means Spring is right around the corner! This month, our goal is to prep you with all of the tools and knowledge necessary to tackle the busy spring market. This newsletter is a special edition as it features the 2022 Resources Handbook. Detailing an extensiv...

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It Take 5 to Equal 1!

We outsell our top five competitors combined!

The Numbers Don't Lie!


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We sell a house every 40 minutes!

Trust your local industry leaders

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How to Jump-Start Your 2022

Well its that time again. Can you believe its December already? Some might think that December is a time to connect with your tribe, your peeps, your COI/SOI, etc. Times are different now. The traditional holiday glad handing is still quite reserved, so it’s a perfect time to ...

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Are YOU Responding to the Changing Real Estate Environment?

My first question is where did September 2021 go? It seems like a blur right now to me, while at the same time it was a month of many major distractions. Kids went back to school (physically I might add). The vaccination passport was announced, and questions swirled around how...

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Are you ready for the New Real Estate REALITY?

There Will Always Be Stress In the Canadian Real Estate MarketDid you know that on June 1st, 2021 borrowers applying for uninsured and insured mortgages, (typically those with more than a 20% down payment), will now have to qualify at their mortgage contract rate plus two perc...

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COVID-19 Weekly Update Overview!

How have we be weathering the pandemic storm? Join us for a jog down memory lane over the past 16 weeks and Conrad's weekly updates - always informative with some fun added in!  

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