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The Brandow Group is a family business. There is a loyalty among the team members that makes its way through to every client. We believe in building trusting, long-term relationships with each person who

Buyer Costs

Property Tax:$0.00
Common Expenses:$0.00
Title Insurance:$400.00
Legal Fees:$0.00
Mortgage Broker Fees:$1,500.00
Land Transfer Tax:$0.00

First Time Buyers: Make Sure You Are the Client

Client & Customer - usually words that are interchangeable right? In real estate, though, these two words hold differences in meaning that could cost you!WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

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Market Predictions for 2022 – Who Can you Trust?

Don’t you hate it when you have plans and you need a reliable weather forecast? As frustrating as it is to deal with inaccurate weather forecasts, though, they’re seldom financially devastating. Unlike a real estate market crash…WHERE IS THE REAL ESTATE MARKET HEADING?

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3 Hamilton Patios We Will Be Enjoying This Summer!

We’re so excited to be in, not only Stage 2 of re-opening, but also Patio Season!! It’s been a long 16 months of restrictions.HAMILTON PATIOS THAT WE RECOMMEND

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Before You Buy a Rental Property...

Real estate is an excellent investment. Always has been. . . but are you ready to be a landlord?WHAT SHOULD I CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING?

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House Hunting Checklist for Buyers! The Basement

Let’s review a few things you can look at to help you decide whether a house is worth considering. This week, we’ll talk about the basement.SHOW ME THE CHECKLIST

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House Hunting Checklist for Buyers! Exterior

Many offers are going in firm, without conditions, especially home inspections... Let’s review a few things you can look at to help you decide whether a house is worth considering. First, we’ll talk about the exterior. SHOW ME THE CHECKLIST

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Cheat Sheet: How Long Should Home Appliances and Systems Last?

I’ve been in my house for 8 years now. This week, we had to replace our dishwasher – and it got me wondering: What’s next? We have put a cheat sheet together to help you plan for possible future expenses.SHOW ME THE CHEAT SHEET

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The Mortgage Approval Process – What Buyers AND Sellers Need to Know

If you’re a buyer just starting out, know that getting your mortgage pre-approval is crucial before putting in offers. But where do you go? And what can you expect during the approval process? TELL ME MORE

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Easing the Pressure of One of Life’s 10 Most Stressful Events: Moving

We have yet to meet anyone who looks forward to moving. They look forward to the end result, sure. But the process- not so much. SHOW ME HOW TO OFFLOAD THE STRESS OF MOVING

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6 Things You Can (easily) Find Out About A Hamilton Property

If you’re looking for a house in Hamilton, you want as much information as you can get about the place before you buy.WHAT INFORMATION CAN I FIND OUT?

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Average Days on Market

Barb, the service I received was first-class.

You ALWAYS kept my interests as top concern. You found Lynn the perfect place, it met every requirement that we had. If I ever hear of anyone wanting to buy or sell, I will absolutely recommend you to them!

Mona Huneault