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In this Market, The House Always Wins. Lower Price beats Higher Interest Rates.

Have you met Larry Paletta?

Contact Information - Cell: (905) 971-5981


Larry has extensive experience in the Residential & Commercial markets, selling both single family dwellings

The Business of Getting Divorced

I was talking to my Broker last evening (she’s my boss) and she said to me “well, you know, you’re really good at divorce sales. You administer so many of them year after year in the office; more that most. I’m sure you’ll make it work.”What? I’m the divorce girl of the office...

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Larry Got Me. He Understood Me. He is an unassuming guy and a terrific agent. This is our family's third real estate transaction with him. He has been diligent, thorough, and successful each time.

Elizabeth D.

Checked out Rajdhani in Stoney Creek. Great taste going on here.

Like Selling your House. Don't do it alone, Bring in a Professional.

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How to repair your Fence Post? Does your Fence Lean?

Need to Fix your Post to adjust your Fence and you Don't want to Break your Back?

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How I can Search Quickly in areas that I am interested in?

Buying a Home? Selling your Place? Let's Talk.

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Nardini's For Lunch & Dinner!!!

Stoney Creek Specialty! get your sangweech here and more.

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Did (905) 971-5981 Try Calling You? That was Me! 905-971-5981

Did you just get a call from 905-971-5981 and then Google Searched 905-971-5981?

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Will be your approximate mortgage payment when paid

Larry went above and beyond what was expected to help us find exactly what we needed. He showed us properties that many other realtors required to learn about and gave us valuable insights into the local market. He was extremely accommodating regarding scheduling viewings and making himself available on short notice when necessary.

Larry's expertise in negotiation was invaluable during the purchase of our home. His knowledge of local market trends allowed him to get us a great deal while ensuring that both parties felt like they had a fair outcome from the transaction.


36 KINGSPOINT Circle, Stoney Creek, Ontario



3,000 Sqft

Check ALL the SOLD Home Prices over the Past Year and the Current Listings in the Hamilton-Burlington Real Estate Board!

Click "Find A Property" at the Top of the Screen after you Watch this Video for your Step by Step access to SOLD Date. Browse in your PJs!!

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Before you get excited about seeing a Condo that you Love ❤️, make sure it allows for Pets 🐕 🐈.

Condo Board Rules supercede Municipal By-Laws. Condos are like little Vatican Countries. If they don't want Pets, then there are No Pets Allowed. Make sure you find out if they accept Pets or what the restrictions are before you waste your time.Click the RED ARROW on the Scree...

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Life in the Fast Lane

My Flog, which is a Blog whenever I Feel like doing it.Driving pet peeve…Just because you are in the Fast Lane (The Left lane known as the passing lane) and going 110 km per hour does not mean that you are going fast or the speed of traffic. I’ll get into my theory of how each...

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Is the Home you Love being Sold as an Assignment? What is that? Let's Find Out.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying an Assignment House.

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Testimonials from Clients. It was humbling to read what they had to say.

Do you get Testimonials? #testimonials #realtor #howtogettestimonialsI have a friend who suggested that I read the Testimonials that my Clients have give because sometimes they are shy to read them on camera. Great Idea.These Testimonials are on my Google Page or at Rate-my-Ag...

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Does the Seller keep the Deposit? Who gets the Deposit when the House DOES NOT CLOSE? #realestate

What is a Mutual Release?Just a spin off a previous video about the Difference between Deposits and Down Payments when Buying a Home. I discuss in this Video what happens to the Deposit that was given with the Accepted Offer and the Buyer can't or refuses to Buy/Close the Hous...

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Update from the Car : Deposits vs Down Payments. Do I need a Deposit with my Offer?

Is my Deposit part of my Down Payment?Some confusion about what's a Deposit and what's a Down Payment on a House that I Buy. Every Offer in Ontario that is accepted must have a deposit cheque for the agreed amount delivered to the Listing Real Estate Brokerage within a specifi...

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3D Virtual Tour with Commentary on 114 Arkell Street in West Hamilton

$799,000Commentary provides additional information to the Viewer/Buyer that otherwise wouldn't be mentioned. I try to give as much information as I can and make known the finer points that Sellers want to convey to the Buyers that they love so much, paid for, installed or work...

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How to Electronically Sign Documents using DocuSign. A Quick Video.

DocuSignWe at Team Paletta have been using a program called DocuSign for many years now for our Clients to Sign Real Estate Documents such as Offers Electronically as opposed to a pen and paper. It's been part of the industry's movement towards being paperless.This is a Quick ...

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Carlo’s Bake Shop at Limeridge Mall on the Hamilton Mountain. I forgot to take out the Rainbow Cake!

Where's Buddy Valastro?I was too busy filming the Red Velvet Cake and thought they were coming one at a time and didn't see the Rainbow Cake on the far left until it was too late. Lucky for me there is a 1 800 number on the machine and a fellow in Toronto was able take control...

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Want to know what stays with the House when it Sells? Turn it Upside Down & Check your Paperwork!

Click the Button to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel For More Helpful Hints in Real Estate.Rule of Thumb when you are confused about what stays with the House is to turn it Upside Down,hypothetically, give it a shake and whatever falls out can go, whatever stays and is connecte...

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Attention Buyers & Sellers: Remember to Wear the same Hat with regards to House Showings.

Be CourteousWhen you are Selling your home and you get a showing, you are excited. Prepping your House, leaving lights on, leaving the house with your kids, finding a place for the dog… then what happens???The agent cancelled the showing it no one showed up for the showing.But...

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Update from the Car - What time do you get the Keys to your House?

How do I get the Keys to my new home? #closingdayDepending on what Day of the Week and Month play a factor as well. Many closings happen on a Friday and towards the end of the Month. That means there maybe other closings going on at your lawyer's office and they can't do them ...

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Interesting Look as to How Toronto compares to Most North American Cities

Cranes & CondosWhen you peel the onion and see that all these cranes are in use in Toronto, it tells the story as to hw many Condominium Buildings there are in The Big City.

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If you are Buying a Home in Ontario, you WILL be paying this! What are my Closing Costs?

Contact Me For The List of What You May Pay.If you’re buying a Home or Condo in the Province of Ontario, you will be paying THIS and it’s more than what you think? You should know all your Closing Costs before you buy a home. It can add up quickly or be more than what you firs...

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The Great City of Hamilton

Watch and EnjoyA Fantastic Video of the City of Hamilton to Music.

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